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Media Target Audiences Infographic


We classify our media using up to 30 different criteria and this allows us to deliver audiences that conform to any demographic classification system. Want to target social grades A and B, or perhaps your client needs to reach City Sophisticates and Career climbers? No problem.


Our audience segmentation tool delivers campaigns that are as highly targeted as digital media, but with a far greater level of engagement.



Uniquely, our bar media targets people in a relaxed, social environment. The message is experienced by groups of friends - collectively 

and, with the right witty, beautiful or controversial creative, achieves great talkability.


Our network of venues is classified in iPLAN, our planning database that allows us to segment the audience into sports fans, students, young professionals, LGBT, etc. Also uniquely, our washroom panels are a truly gender specific media.



With a message writ large, our M3 Motorway banner is an ideal way to target over 50,000 shoppers and commuters a day. For store openings, product launches or conferences we can research and create one-off spectaculars/special projects. These are eye catching site-specific pieces that are memorable and deliver strong PR and wide-spread social media engagement.



Niche audiences such as pensioners, students or young mothers, can be targeted using our bespoke networks. These comprise temporary poster sites in libraries, doctors' surgeries, betting shops, campuses, hairdressers, or on pretty much any location with a vertical surface.


For a more detailed breakdown of the audience each of our media can deliver visit the MEDIA section of the website and download the corresponding media pack, or send us a brief.

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