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iPlan media planning database
iPlan media planning database



Over the past 8 years, and at considerable expense, we have developed our own dedicated media planning and accountability database system - iPLAN. It classifies all our media according to 30 separate marketing intelligence criteria.


So, for example, if you want to target 19 year old metro-sexual music fans, with a couple of clicks we can provide you with a targeted list of suitable media/venues.


This advanced consumer and venue segmentation allows for highly-targeted campaigns, reduces wastage and delivers value for money.



Because iPLAN automatically and accurately records all our media, Image Zoo can create posting and over-show reports that tell you exactly where, when, and for how long, a campaign has been in-charge.


However, a campaign reduced to an Excel sheet isn’t the most exciting thing to look at so we still photograph each campaign as well.



We also relay all our campaigns to our network of Twitter and Facebook followers.

iPlan media planning database
iPlan media planning database
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