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Bar and club audience
Washroom panels
Washroom panels
Washroom panels
Bar and club audience
Washroom panel and mirror graphic
Washroom panels
Washroom panels
washroom panel
mirror graphics
mirroe graphic
Washroom panel



Uniquely, our bar media targets people in a relaxed, social environment. The message is experienced by groups of friends - collectively and, with the right witty, beautiful or controversial creative, achieves great talkability.


Our network of pubs and clubs across Ireland is classified in iPLAN, our planning database, which allows us to segment the audience into sports fans, students, young professionals, LGBT, etc – it is a true narrowcast media.


Washroom advertising is a truly gender-specific media.



Washroom advertising delivers a long dwell time and high visibility in an uncluttered environment. Washrooms panels and mirror graphics can effectively build brand awareness to a broadcast audience, or reach a specific target audience depending on the venues you select.


Our network of venues across Ireland allows brands to engage with over 250,000 consumers per cycle.


  • A3 panels and mirror graphics in unmissable prime positions

  • A conversation starter in a social environment

  • Huge dwell times – 55 seconds male; 105 seconds female

  • Gender specific, adult audience

  • Average venue footfall of over 3,500 per venue per cycle

  • 1500+ panels



Use washroom advertising to target audiences from 18/24 year-old students to 25/45 year-old professionals during down-time, when they are at their most receptive.


  • Select audiences based on age, social demographic, or preferred sport/music/drink etc

  • One-to-one impact with an adult audience

  • Completely captive audience

  • Provides multiple opportunities to see

  • Highly targeted and therefore cost-effective

  • Select venues based on beverages served




We were absolutely delighted with the response to the campaign as we had 40% more participates than last year. When asked, ‘How did you hear about the events?’ a staggering 85% said through the washroom advertising in the bars.


Fundraising Manager - Cystic Fibrosis

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