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Firefly dublin


Our portable light projection system - Firefly - is compact, battery-powered and can be set up in minutes. Impromptu shows consisting of images, graphics, animations or videos can be projected onto virtually any vertical or horizontal surface.


As part of our service we offer a full site survey and can recommend suitable locations that will maximise the impact of the project.


  • A medium format light projection system

  • 3 units available

  • A cost effective alternative to cumbersome large format projectors

  • Battery powered and fully mobile

  • The speed and simplicity of the set-up allows us to cover numerous locations in one night

  • Projects animations, videos or stills




Perfect for taking full advantage of the longer hours of darkness at this time of year, Firefly helped deliver highly impactful brand standout to some of the most elusive of all audiences. And its ease of mobility allowed the brand message to literally follow audiences on their night out.


We were delighted with the impact Firefly provided, allowing brand awareness to be elevated through a refreshing and innovative medium, a platform that sat perfectly with the creative for the brand.


Victoria Clark, Head of Media Planning,
Anderson Spratt Group ASG

Firefly light projecton system
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