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Uniquely, our bar media targets people in a relaxed, social environment. The message is experienced by groups of friends - collectively and, with the right witty, beautiful or controversial creative, achieves great talkability.


Our network of pubs and clubs across Ireland is classified in iPLAN, our planning database, which allows us to segment the audience into sports fans, students, young professionals, LGBT, etc – it is a true narrowcast media.



Our illuminated A1 & A2 Glowbox poster sites are located in the main bar area. The size and prominence of the panels - and that they enjoy solus positions - means that your message is always highly visible. 


  • A1 + A2 illuminated panels in unmissable prime positions

  • Located in premium bars and clubs

  • A conversation starter in a social environment

  • Long dwell times

  • Adult audience

  • Average venue footfall of over 3,500 per venue per cycle



Use Glowbox advertising to target audiences from 18/24 year-old students to 25/45 year-old professionals: during down-time, when they are at their most receptive.


  • Select audiences based on age, social demographic, or preferred sport/music/drink etc.

  • One-to-one impact with an adult audience

  • Completely captive audience

  • Provides multiple opportunities to see

  • Highly targeted and therefore cost-effective

  • Select venues based on beverages served