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Pendant banner belfast
Pendant banners royal avenue belfast


Image Zoo operates a fixed media network of pendant banners and cross street media across Belfast City Centre. This is a unique opportunity to deck 13 of Belfast’s busiest streets with your message. Measuring approx 1m x 2m and over 3m off the ground, they are above street clutter giving your message the stand out pride of place it deserves.


  • 140 pendant banner sites

  • 16 cross street banner sites

  • Prime locations - on 13 of Belfast City Centre’s busiest streets

  • Excellent high street penetration

  • Sites available in areas with few, or no other media opportunities

  • Complete street domination

  • Over 43% of people scored the City Dressing at 9 out-of 10, or above*

  • Double sided, high definition printed PVC vinyl banners


* Belfast Tourism Monitor 2012



Target various audiences through pendants banner advertising from students to business professionals to shopaholics: All at a time when they are relaxed and receptive to messages.  


  • Belfast has a population of 280,962, and 43.9% are aged 30 or younger

  • There are approx 8.9 million pedestrians that come into Belfast per annum along Royal Avenue & Donegall Place (Belfast City Centre Management, 2014)

  • Walking around the city centre is the most popular activity with overnight visitors. with 83% doing so (Belfast Tourism Monitor 2012)

  • Opportunity to target roadside and pedestrian shopping districts

  • Multiple opportunities to see (OTS) throughout the city

  • Belfast is the main retail market in Northern Ireland with a primary catchment population of 1.6 million (Belfast Facts & Figures)




We were delighted with the city dressing campaign; we really felt it give great coverage in the city centre, especially compared to billboard and Adshel campaigns. The campaign added a new dynamic to our outdoor advertising campaign.


Damian Connor, Belfast Film Festival

Pendant banners belfast
Pendant banners belfast
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