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Client: Orchard Thieves Cider

Campaign: The Bold Hour

Agency: Starcom

Specialist: Kinetic

Timed to coincide with the vernal equinox - when the clocks spring forward - Orchard Thieves clever

campaign The Bold Hour, we’re stealing it back went live over the Easter weekend.

We were tasked with driving traffic to for news of promotional events, where to get free pints of cider and the chance to win one of 5 Orchard Thieves fixie bikes.

Revellers were targeted using Firefly, our portable light projection system, at 5 locations per night, per city. A really cool video featuring Orchard Thieves’ urban fox followed the crowds and tripped the light fantastic across Cork, Dublin and Galway.

To really land what Orchard Thieves The Bold Hour was, we needed to be agile and create awareness as close to losing the hour when the clocks went forward on Saturday, 26th March. Using Light Projections was one of our key formats to start our story. We were able to target key streets and hang out areas across Dublin, Cork and Galway to really land the message and grab the attention of our target audience.

Emma Daly, Starcom

With a campaign as time specific as Orchard Thieves Bold hour, we needed to be clever with our planning. Using the firefly format, we could really focus on the hours we needed, creating a buzz at exactly the time we needed too! The firefly format provided cut-through in the key locations that were crucial to the success of the campaign. The Image Zoo service was excellent. We could provide our client with real time data regarding how campaign was preforming on street!

Aoife Hudson, Kinetic

Image Zoo Firefly - Orchard Thieves
Image Zoo Firefly - Orchard Thieves
Image Zoo Firefly - Orchard Thieves
Image Zoo Firefly - Orchard Thieves
Image Zoo Firefly - Orchard Thieves

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