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City Dressing is a fixed media network of pendant banners and cross street media across Belfast City Centre. This is a unique opportunity to access Belfast’s busiest streets with your message. Measuring approx 1m x 2m and over 3m off the ground, the lamppost banners are above street clutter giving and therefore prominent position for pedestrians and passing buses.

Occupying the sites more recently Translink, Belfast One & W5 added a dynamic into their out of home advertising campaign.

Glider is a new innovative mode of transport for Belfast and they selected City Dressing to promote the Glider brand when it launched. Banners lined the interior bus routes around the city centre, re-enforcing the new Glider and increasing brand awareness.

Belfast One committed to a long term City Dressing campaign advertising. The use of all available sites within the Bid One area, the banners promoted multiple messages of “Shop, Do, Dine”. This campaign was strategically planned, lamppost by lamppost as we organised each banner to alternate by 7 messages and 3 colours.

W5 wanted to make a huge impression on Belfast when

announcing the Dinosaur Encounter augmented reality exhibition.

We recommended a cross street banner on one of the busiest streets in Belfast, Chichester Street. This delivered the client’s brief, high impact, strong visibility in a high frequency traffic & pedestrian footfall area – Chichester Street in Belfast.

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